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Basic Driving Laws & Safety

Car Accident Laws Are Different State to State

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If you have been in a wreck, understanding car accident laws in your State can help to prepare you for your eventual court case. The more educated you are, the higher the likelihood that the outcome of your case will be a positive one. As an attorney, I work to educate clients about car accident laws in Boston and the process of going to court. I welcome questions but in the meantime, here are some of the car accident laws in Boston that you should be aware of. I also suggest finding a lawyer who will work on a contingency, in other words make sure that you hire, car accident lawyers that only get paid if you win.



Comparative negligence laws can reduce your financial award.

In a nutshell, each driver is assigned a percentage of fault. After an accident, most people believe that the other party was at fault and do not think about the role they may have played in the accident. The challenge is that the other attorney will do exactly that, working to prove that you were at least partially responsible. As a car accident attorney, one of my top priorities is to prove that the other party was more negligent than my client, and that my client had little to no responsibility for what happened.

The reason why it is so important to prove negligence is that it directly impacts how much money you will receive for your case. For example, one driver could be majority to blame for the accident and be assigned 80 percent of fault while the other is assigned 20 percent. If the final financial award is $20,000, it would be reduced by 20 percent for a total award of $16,000. Given the nature of these laws, I spend a lot of time investigating each case and gathering evidence in order to demonstrate that my clients had little responsibility for the accident they were in. I am highly successful at doing so, which results in significant financial gains for my clients.

Car accident laws dictate that after an accident, all cars are required to stop and share information.

Regardless of what role you played in an accident, you are required to stop your vehicle , move it to safety, share information with the other driver, and wait for the police, if necessary. As an attorney, I have found that most drivers think of this as a courtesy and are not aware that it is an actual law. However, failure to understand car accident laws after an accident, can result in felony charges and a fine. It is critical that you stop and share information with the other driver. However, if you were in a wreck and the other driver sped off, working with an attorney is just as important. I have helped clients to work with their own insurance company and the police so that negligence can be established and they can still receive financial compensation for their injuries.

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